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dieter-schulzeFollowing main working fields

  • evaluation
  • analysis of strenghts and weaknesses of the organisation and/or the project
  • potential analysis
  • labour market and feasability studies
  • competition and location analysis
  • quality management
  • strategies of motivation and personnel management
  • european support programmes and research on more than 300 programmes
  • project development, acquisition, coordination and coaching of projects and programmes
  • project controlling and project management assistance

professional experiences

  • Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster ( ), Scientific assistant lecturer
  • Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Hamm ( ), Head of Department of “Youth Vocational Care Services”
  • Kreishandwerkerschaft Soest ( ), Vocational training Services

Special experiences regarding to the tasks INIBIA

  • INI, Initiative für Jugendhilfe und Bildung e.V., Lippstadt ( )
  • Head of different Departments of INI e. V. (Vocational Preparation Training, Youth Advice Services, Vocational Training Accompanying Services, HORIZON, NOW, YOUTHSTART , Internet-Café, Assessment Centre etc.),
  • Development and starting-up of a private Professional School for disadvantaged youth, founder director for 1,5 years, since 2010 back again as director
  • Responsible for development of new projects and all EC projects and all contacts outside of Germany
  • Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis ( ) , Executive manager of the EQUAL project DevelopmENt ( ) a network of 35 operational and strategic partners in the district of Ennepe-Ruhr; since 2005 executive manager of “Pact for Elderly long-term Unemployed”, evaluation and sustainability responsibility for this project ( and ), now continued till 12/2010
  • Berufskolleg Bergkloster Bestwig ( ) , Teacher in lessons of Management of social projects and EC projects
  • Chairman to an international commission of the EU Commission (European Thematic Group 1, Working Group 1), development of politics recommendations (for the support and cooperation with employers) for the next European social fund period
  • 2004 external expert of the Polish Ministry of Economy and Labour and the national support structure in the context of the implementation of EQUAL in Poland
  • 2003/2004 evaluation of a French Leonardo Pilot project ELIFO
  • 2005 lectureship „ project management for social organizations ” at the St. Cyril and St. Methodicus University of Veliko Tumovo in Bulgaria
  • Language competencies: german: native; english: fluent; frensh: basic knowledge; spanish: basic knowledge

Additional activity

  • Since 2003 foundation member and vice-president of EWNE, East West Network Europe
  • Short and long time consultancy for social institutions and enterprises in the New Länder of Germany in the order of INBAS ( Frankfurt ) and the BAG Arbeit ( Berlin ) as well as Bauhaus Dessau, cooperation on different publications
  • Regular cooperation on the Landesinstitut for school and further education in Soest
  • Long time consultancy for the Bauhaus Dessau, development of a regional concept for the regional government of Dessau
  • The foundation of „Bildungswerkstatt Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreich e.V.“ (2nd chairman)
  • President of the executive board of REIN, Réseau Européen pour l'Insertion Sociale et Professionnelle des Personnes Défavorisées ( ), Brussels
  • Vice-President of the IFER – International Federation of Employment and Recruitment, Berlin ( ).


  • Moderatoreneinheit zur Berufswahlvorbereitung von Schülern: „Perspektiven und Tendenzen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt“ (Landesinstitut Soest)
  • Umweltfreundliche und naturnahe Floristik, Dokumentation eines transnationalen Qualifizierungsprojektes, Lippstadt 1997
  • Chance Internet-Café, Erfahrungsaustausch mit Praxisbeispielen, Marburg 2001
  • On-line study about attitudes and drug-taking habits, Transnational Project ALL-IN, Merida (Spanien) 2001
  • Dokumentation “Vermittlungserfolge steigern. Neue Wege in den Arbeitsmarkt”, Arbeit und Leben, Bielefeld, 2000
  • Chance Internet Café, Erfahrungsaustausch mit Praxisbeispielen, Arbeit und Bildung, Marburg, 2001
  • „Usage of target group monitoring in the process of Implementing a regional pact for a better labour market participation of older employees”, in: Larsen, Mathejczyk, Kipper, Schmid (eds.),
  • “Target group monitoring in European regions”, Rainer Hampp Verlag, München, 2008
  • „Förderung von Arbeitsfähigkeit älterer langzeitarbeitsloser Menschen im EN-Kreis durch (arbeitsplatzorientierte) Gesundheitsförderung“ in: Alfons Hollederer (Hrsg.), „Gesundheit von Arbeitslosen fördern!“, Fachhochschulverlag, Frankfurt/M., 2009


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